Have been a student of RB from Trade Forex Gold for only a few weeks and am impressed with his gold trading strategy and style. His indicator and signals are top notch. My account is up over 20% within the first fortnight of trading. Have learnt a lot in the few weeks since joining and understand the strategy a lot better now thanks to the clear and concise guidance from RB. Am looking forward to the 12 month mentoring program and am committed to full time trading. Thanks RB.

P. Cash Perth, AU Mar 2018

I have become a full time trader under the guidance of RB of Trade Forex Gold. His style of trading is the real deal resulting in weekly profits to sustain a living and not the usual results in “pips”.  I made 10% profit ($1800) within the first 3 days of joining his 12 month mentoring program. His concept is simple. We trade the trends with the mindset of “We don’t accept losing trades”.  I’m committed and will be with Trade Forex Gold for the long term.

K. MacCarthy Perth, AU 7 Feb 2018


Hi Roger,
I’ve been meaning to share my experience with you and to say a big THANK YOU. I feel like I have come away with a greater knowledge of why I had been losing most of my trades and now know what to do to help prevent it. As simple as it is, I would never have been taught the concept Roger is trading with, or at least it would take me few years figure it out. Having Roger as a coach happens to be at the perfect time.
After 5 months of practicing with a demo account I was able to understand the basics, indicators and technical analysis. Here where Roger’s indicator played a major milestone on my trades. I am now able to identify the trend, entry and exit points in simpler and easy way. This helped me gain confidence on my decisions and reduced my emotional stress almost to 0. And that alone is worth to get Roger’s training as this was the major weakness that made me lose most of the trade positions. Having that confidence and strong signals; I made 40% ROI on the first week! Sounds crazy but its true. I am now ready to start the real game and get on my real account. 2018 is very promising…

Y. Aboumacher, Edmonton Can.


I have been Roger’s student for 6 months. Prior to having him as a mentor, I was learning off YouTube videos. Since he started mentoring me, I have found a more simplified and effective trading method and found trading long term is easier and suits my busy lifestyle. Following only gold gave me the knowledge of how the market moves and its’ features. Trading with him always gave me lots of knowledge and insights, and the indicator he developed himself is unique and helps my trading too. He has always been clear and helpful in his advice and answers. I am very lucky that I have him as a mentor and would recommend him to anyone.

K. Kawasaki, Bris. Australia


Hi Roger, I’m back from holidays. Here’s the testimonial- I’ve been trading stocks for a few years with average results. After getting coaching my bottom line has improved significantly so far. Thanks RB!

A. Carvey, Perth


I’ve been trading with RB since mid 2017. He is often so right it’s scary! Trading demands the right psychology and technical charts. Charts are easy. Psychology takes a bit more time. 

A. Woodward, Sydney