My Trading Strategy

When first trading live I made $50k in only 3 weeks! (Jan 2015). I commenced with $6k and in one day made $16k. But the trend changes very quickly in gold and all traders must be able to see the turn and it’s confirmation.

Today I get very clear entry signals from my major indicator and chart setup and can plan for profit potential with high confidence. In short I have found my holy grail.

As a trader you need to accept that you will never extract every dollar of profit from the market and that should not be your goal. You’re objective should be to think like an bank trader and achieve a longterm ROI on your capital for the investor, or you.

This approach gives a greater risk margin for retraction and allows you to avoid over trading.

Good discipline is the key to a successful trading life.

If a trader invests $1000 and can achieve 30% ROI a week they will accumulate $310,000 in 25 weeks. 

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