Blog. Rate Rise is in.

and as expected for many moons the .25 was given. The dollar rose and gold dumped $7 from the high of yesterday. I’m now issuing daily trading signals (not everyday but on the day a signal prints) for greater ease of trading and less stress so will need to wait for today to print on the chart before I give a sell signal but I fully expect to see one and the price to sell for a number of days. Then find support over Christmas Day and bounce up off a significant daily moving average. This will be sent as a trading signal of course. In the early New Year we will receive a very powerful trading signal which will give us greater confidence to trade upward. With the uncertainty of further rises, the fear of recession (inverted curve) and a shaky Dow gold will begin to increase in value and this could happen very fast. 2019 will be the year to be on your toes.