Where are we?

It’s amazing to see Dominos pizzas being delivered by a student on a bike to people who have had all Sunday in the park! What a strange world this has become. No danger money or insurance for the student. It reminds me that whatever decade we are in everything comes back to economics. Clearly atm we’re a bit divorced from reality. Low interest rates do that. But I think in the next few years rates will re-enter the equation. In a big way. the bond market will make sure of that and The Fed will follow. Then we’ll be living in the real world again.

The Australian

I think we’ve seen the tailspin. Sure rates may rise again based on a 4% GDP on Friday but if they do the US housing market will stall and growth will be affected. Bonds may also rise quickly forcing rates to follow fast. It’s a ticking bomb and there will be a rush back into gold. 20% fall in FB and Twitter stocks may present a sign also.