Aussie Stock Forums (Avoid)



The moderator of this forum really needs to find a new job. He allows character assassination, outright abuse by anonymous members, bullying and harassment. If this was a Facebook group of school students parents would be worried about the safety of their kids. There are some seriously mentally unstable people on this forum who all hide behind avatars, spread their hate and are proud of it. Then they try and police your thought and speech. DO NOT RELY on this forum for education or assistance. Any forum that allows this behavior is toxic to a traders success. To gain advice you can only deal with people who are willing to show their identity and stand behind their claims. This review is based on two days pent on this forum. That was long enough. If a trading coach writes a piece to attempt to assist new traders they are vilified and attacked by trolls. If you defend your position the administrator, another anonymous figure will ban you for trolling. Antifa of the trading world folks. You need better support than what you will get here. I guess it sells advertising though. In my experience it is fueled by ego not information.

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