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Trade Review

Every Wednesday I shoot and publish a review of the trading week to give you a comparison of your experience and mine. I post these on YouTube at RB Forex Trader and our FB page, Trade Forex Gold. This is freely available to the public but I also offer training videos for new and experienced traders which can be purchased through Pay Pal. Our fees for these services can be seen on our Services Page.

Consolidation. What is it good for?


Consolidation of price is frustrating! We’d all rather be in a trend making a ton but these periods serve a purpose of course. In the above picture we can see the price hitting a target then consolidating. As the buying and selling goes on in a tight range the moving average lines come closer which allows for crossover and direction change. Consolidation will also occur when the market is in a hold pattern waiting for an announcement, for example the non farm payroll.